A relatively short flight for us, can spare lots of travel for our customers. The following quote is from a customer that was not able to come with us, as his fellow travellers, but had to go by car:

“Many thanks for all you/MAF did for us last week.  I arrived at the taxi-brousse station at 6.30am on Saturday morning, as they suggested, and then waited there for 5 hours before our vehicle eventually left at 11.30am.  We rocked in to Mandritsara at 1am on Sunday morning, 13.5hrs later.  During one notable break down, someone carved a replacement part out of a fallen tree trunk, and then we were off again – I would have been amazed…but didn’t have the energy.  Averaging
less than 15km/h, fun it was not, so I’m very glad the others were spared the journey!