In March 2016 we started a new initiative, 3M, with the aim of being able to work more strategically with partners and potential partners. With the Madagascar Mission Movement initiative we hope to encourage our mission partners to get to know each other better; to share their experiences, to pray for each other and to define strategies to reach the remote areas for Madagascar. Once these strategies have been defined, we can work together with our partners and with Helimission (a partner organisation with the same vision as MAF) to implement these plans.

The first 3M meeting, on the 2nd March 2016, was very encouraging both for the organisers and for those attending from different churches and mission organisations. About 70 people from around 35 different local churches and mission organisations were present at the meeting. Uniting and working together more as mission force; with the local church as the main actor in spreading the Gospel; and a deep sense of God directing us to do more than we currently do, and expecting more from Him was a common understanding of the day. We do expect all from him! From the initial first meeting it has become clear that there is still lots of work to do; MAF needs to work on opening airstrips in areas where nobody is working yet because of inaccessibility, and further investigation might mean that our flight capacity need to increase.

Please pray with us for continuing unity; for the Holy Spirit guiding and helping us with next steps: both for the upcoming meetings, and for taking action to allow what has been started to continue.