Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world and continues to have some of the poorest infrastructure to go along with the vast distances. You can imagine then, when SIL/Wycliffe plans a translation workshop for all their team members around the island that the logistics of getting everyone to one place at the right time can be daunting.
Tandroy, Bara and Tanosy, were the groups that we were picking up this time to bring to the workshop. They came from literally every corner of this vast island.
Imagine flying around the people who were building the tower of Babel and you get a glimpse of the diversity of languages we are working with. And the imagery of the tower of Babel is actually quite applicable. At the time of Babel God took a group of people who were working together for ungodly purposes and scattered them with the confusion of multiple languages. God is now calling many language groups to come together in order that they may better understand the story of the Gospel, each in his own tongue. To bring back God’s story of redemption in the many tongues of Madagascar. Where once God brought disunity with languages He is now bringing salvation through different languages. What was once used to break down an ungodly act is being used to build up God’s kingdom.
What a Joy to be called to this work. To enable these language groups to meet. To learn God’s word and translate it into their own tongues. To bring the story of Jesus redemptive work into the language that their people can identify and understand with.