The district of Besalampy has 13 towns with a population of 22,000 people. There are around 20 churches in the region but most of those who attend are people who come from other districts. Only 4% of the local population are Christian. The district is very traditional, with a King still reigning over the region [...]
Mercy Ships Patient Transport Mercy Ships first docked in Toamasina in October 2014 and treated patients from the Toamasina and other large towns around Madagascar that have reasonably good roads connecting them to Toamasina. This year, MAF have been flying the screening team into more remote areas where it is much more difficult for the [...]
For 27 years MAF has been based in Madagascar. During these years we have been able to fly for development organisations, the church and mission organisations. It has been great to work with so many partners. Without our staff, and especially our Malagasy staff, this would not have been possible. It was a wonderful moment [...]