Important Flight Information – Before you Fly!


Dangerous Goods:

  • Dangerous Goods can only be carried under certain regulations and must be correctly packaged. Please contact us if you wish to transport dangerous goods.
  • Unless properly packaged and pre-arranged with, us please ensure there are no dangerous goods within your luggage. These include, but are not restricted to, flammable or compressed gases, flammable liquids, poisonous and toxic substances, corrosives, explosives, infectious substances and dry ice.


Weight Restrictions:

  • Our aircraft are weight restricted, especially our C182.
  • When you receive a quote for the C182 it will tell you a maximum allowed payload or weight. This weight allowance includes each passenger’s body weight, luggage, hand luggage, cameras and purses etc.
  • All items and people will be weighed on arrival, if your total weight exceeds the weight allowance provided to you then, unfortunately, we will ask you to leave some luggage behind.
  • Due to the small size of our luggage compartment door in the C182 we also advice you not to bring large items of luggage.

Safety and Weather:

  • Safety is our paramount concern and all flights are conducted weather permitting.
  • If your flight is cancelled due to weather, pilot unavailability, or maintenance issues, you will have the choice of accepting a full refund or rescheduling on the next available flight.
  • Incidental expenses incurred due to weather delays or cancellations are the full responsibility of the passenger. These include but are not limited to re-accommodation, meals, overnight accommodation expenses and passenger-arranged alternate transportation.