3M: Madagascar Mission Movement

It is our prayer and vision that the isolated people in the remote areas of Madagascar will be transformed both physically and spiritually in the name of Jesus Christ. For that reason we are eager not only to work with many different development organisations but also with many churches and mission organisations.
Flying our partners to the remote areas of Madagascar, and providing technical and logistics services are some of the ways we implement our vision. Another way to serve, is to help the church and mission organisations to fulfill the great commandment that Jesus gave us all “and you will be my witnesses, in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth”

As an inter-denominational Christian Mission organisation that, because of our type of work, needs to be well organised and to partner with many different organisations, we believe that God has placed us in a unique position. We hope to be able to bring the different organisations and churches together. We are doing this by promoting unity, gathering and sharing information and by connecting churches and mission organisations.


It is great to see how, in Madagascar, many organisations do a great job at spreading the gospel, carrying out medical work, or helping to develop villages and areas. It is a blessing to see people work with the poor in the city, working in prisoners, with children, widows and people in remote areas. As there is so much work to do, it is impossible for one organisation or local church to do it all themselves. Working together is necessary! This means sometimes that small differences in culture or way of working need to be set aside to be able to be more effective. Working in unity as mission movement is necessary to let everybody know that God is sending us.
We are eager to bring the different local churches and mission organisations together in meetings that we organise, in combining flights and in being ourselves an example.

“May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent Me.” John 17:21

Information Gathering and Sharing

To avoid many organisations working in the same areas, (while other areas are unreached) we believe it is necessary to know where other organisations work and what type of work they do. As MAF, together with our partner Heli Mission, we have taken upon ourselves the task to gather and share the information in a systematic way so that it is accessible to all our partners and that it is updated regularly.
The map on the right gives some of the information we have gathered. With the help of like-minded partners we will work on getting more detailed information that we hope to share with our partners.

Connecting Churches and Mission Organisations

By organising mission meetings, sharing information, and connecting people from different churches, denominations and mission organisations we are serving the mission community to help them to focus on these areas with the biggest need.


Unity, sharing information and networking do -in itself – not bring any help to the villagers in the remote areas. We need the lead of the Holy spirit in guiding us how we as a church or mission organisation bring the gospel further to the ‘end of the earth’ here in Madagascar and to act on it

We invite you to pray with us as we move forward with this new challenge in Madagascar.